The Odessa series is a remarkable contemporary reproduction of Pietra Grey Limestone. With its arresting deep greys offset with intricate white veining, the Odessa series portrays a picture of elegance and refinement wherever it is used.

Established in 1966, GNS Ceramics Pty Ltd has been serving as a major importer and wholesaler exclusively to retail outlets throughout Eastern Australia.

98% Recycled Glass Mosaics

Herringbone, Hexagon and Subway
This stunning collection of recycled glass mosaics combines three different series covering a wide range of beautiful colours, artistic patterns and modern shapes. These are dedicated to those who love to follow their creative impulses to personalise spaces.

The Wilderness series combines the beauty of timber with the flexibility of a mosaic and the practicality of recycled glass. The warm tonal grey ad brown hues provides a warm and unpretentious atmosphere.

The Santini series of subway tiles derives its warmth from the natural stone interpretations, allowing a unique and bespoke luxury finish.

The Signature collection combines the realism of natural stone with artisanal patterns. The surface touch is inviting and sensual and the colour palette is warm and neutral. A perfect choice.

Melbourne - Monday 22nd June 2020
Sydney - Friday 26th June 2020
Brisbane - Friday 3rd July 2020

The GNS Ceramics WAREHOUSES will be closed on these days.

On each date the despatch area will be closed off so you will not be able to pick up any orders, nor drop off any returns. This includes customer pickups, and courier pickups from GNS Ceramics warehouse.
Any deliveries to your stores, warehouses, or transport depots on that day will be despatched as normal.

In addition, you will not be able to contact your local Account Manager as they will also be involved in the stocktake process.

If you have any sales orders, stock queries or other questions that are not able to be resolved on the GNS Website, Please contact our efficient Customer Service team on 02 9851 0000 who will be happy to assist you.

Please ensure all members of your teams are aware of these details to prevent disappointment.


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